Serving God

Serving God is a commitment from the heart and it takes a rare individual to do so in a public setting, while remaining free from the material trappings of their position. The job demands a responsible man or woman, one with a focused purpose and loving heart. But as we know, all too often there is abuse. I am specifically referring to church clergy, especially those that have set up churches to teach their followers what they believe (note that wording – what they believe!). If the head of your church is living in a mansion and flying around in a private jet you should run for the hills! At least find another church. If you proclaim you are serving God and are taking in more than the minimum required to live in your community, you are a fraud! There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it! You are not serving God. You are interested in material riches and serving yourself.

I once had a devout Christian tell me that God doesn’t want you to be poor. WHAT? First of all God doesn’t focus his attention on your emotional level, your desires or material longings. To think He cares how much money you have it about as naïve as you can get. Contrary to what many people claiming to be Christian believe and state, you can’t be focused up and down at the same time (of course since you are living on this plane you have to tend to your material duties – but that doesn’t require focusing your attention toward acquiring material wealth). Either you are orientated toward your spiritual life or your material one, but not both. And it irks me to no end when these people twist statements in the bible to justify their actions and ends.

Look around you. If you see people getting rich off of their religion they are not to be trusted. PERIOD! And in this country there are many of these individuals and groups. Churches are supposed to help people with their spiritual needs and tend to those who need assistance; food, shelter, and clothing etc. There isn’t any excuse for anyone, especially children, in this country to go hungry. And yet they are. These clergy, many of them public figures, should be ashamed of themselves!

There are also those high profile people using their religious status to garner trust in their statements. They are quick to criticize and try to manipulate public opinion, all for the sake of making money off of their contrived controversy. It’s reprehensible! Shame on you!


“Just as money has been in the past the instrument of men’s selfishness, now it must be the instrument of their goodwill.”

 – Discipleship in the New Age – Volume I, p 166, by Alice A. Bailey