Right Human Relations

How many of you have heard the term ‘Right Human Relations?’ For the purpose of this article we will stick with the physical meaning of this term and leave the more subtle interpretations for another time. Right Human Relations implies certain characteristics within its meaning: cooperation, goodwill, customer service, trust and sharing, to name a few.

Try using these words in the context of our everyday life here in America, where our political system is broken and large corporations control our society from top to bottom. Difficult, if not down right impossible, isn’t it? The greed, manipulation, add-on fees, reduced product, contracts, exclusive club cards, and outright corporate arrogance is beyond belief! And we are leading the rest of the world by example. This way of life is absolutely unsustainable. Eventually, this house of cards will tumble down, it is inevitable. Hopefully, we will see some radical changes, in humanities favor, begin to take place within the next dozen years or so.

For all its differences, humanity is one big family. Not recognizing this fact is one of the causes of society’s unrest. Actions and attitudes that are plainly undertaken for the sole purpose of selfishness and gain do nothing but foster hate and breed resentment. The material life keeps impeding humanities evolutionary progress. We are manipulated through our desire for money and material possession. Those things are not why we are here. They are of fleeting value and not important in the long term. The vast majority of people have no idea as to the true nature of life, even its most basic terms. If they realized they are not here once and that is it…most believe that this present existence is the sum total of their livingness on this plane. It is not! The statement is often made that our children will inherit the mess we are creating…WE are our children! Think about that for a moment – we will be returning to this plane, again and again. How do we want to leave it? Right human relations are the means to achieve a happier life in the present and it is the only way to achieve it in the future. Conflicts over territory, religion, material possession, energy and water expose the worse man has to offer. There are plenty of resources in the world for everybody to live a prosperous life materially, allowing humanity to focus on more spiritual pursuits, and thus help humanity evolve into the higher realms of living.

The evolution of humanity has been moving from individual awareness to group awareness. Thus emphasis is shifting to corporations and other groups. The power, if you will, is being focused in these groups and as is evident in many cases, it is being abused! This will gradually change as man re-orients himself in his newfound position to that which is important, again that being right human relations. Is it so difficult to understand that if you treat someone well they will return the goodwill energy? That applies to groups as well as individuals. If focus is on money and not the well-being of your fellow man there can only be one outcome, failure! Sure, in the short term you might consider yourself successful because you are bringing in lots of money, but that is hardly the case. Money is not the be-all-end-all of life in this world. The soul of humanity is unselfish, is giving, all pervasive love. It will triumph over the material at every turn, it only takes time and once humanity has further awakened the truth will be revealed.

Another unfortunate outcome of this change can be found in our educational systems. The focus is again on money. Our young adults are being taught how to seek that which is not important. Even after the disastrous financial crisis we have just experienced the status quo is back in command. And it can be noted that many companies are going about business just they did before, and in many cases much more sneakily. It probably won’t be long before another, perhaps more devastating, financial crisis is upon us. Until we change our focus and orientation that is inevitable. Students need to be educated, not trained on how to make money. Of course, the curriculum for their study leaves much to discuss.

Cooperation and harmlessness begins with the individual. Groups are made up of individuals and the strength and power of public opinion can not be underestimated. When enough people demand change through their daily habitual living, change will eventuate. What happens when people refuse to buy a product? If people stopped doing business with those that have ridicules contracts what would that business have to do? The answers to these questions are obvious – the company would have to make changes to go along with the will of the people. It’s pretty simple in theory but or course difficult in practice, especially since many major corporations have restricted our choices, many times through political manipulation. If a company has a good product, or a necessary one, with a reasonable price and was focused on their customers, rather than money, why would a customer choose to go elsewhere? The fact is they wouldn’t. I want to point out that earning money to enable a company to continue its life and serve its customers is not the same thing as focusing all its energy on making the most money possible.

Right Human Relations doesn’t mean it is mandatory to have a close family relationship simply because it is family. It doesn’t mean you have to create relationships of any kind that are contrary to your beliefs or way of life. It means that whatever interactions you with anyone on any level, whether that is personal, business, as a consumer or in any other capacity, you engage in that relationship with the highest of intentions and ethical behavior. Harmlessness in all your dealings! Right Human Relations begin with each and every one of us and we all need to get better at it so we can truly change the world, for us and our children.


“The characteristics of the man immersed in form life and under the rule of matter are fear, individualism, competition and greed.  These have to give place to spiritual confidence, co-operation, group awareness and selflessness.”

– The Labours of Hercules, by Alice A. Bailey


 “The race faces a new crisis of opportunity wherein new values can be seen as important, wherein the establishing of right human relations will be deemed desirable, not only from the idealistic point of view but also from the purely selfish angle. Some day the principles of cooperation and of sharing will be substituted for those of possessive greed and competition. This is the inevitable next step ahead for humanity – one for which the entire evolutionary process has prepared mankind.”

– Problems of Humanity, p-13, by Alice A. Bailey


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